Sickness, Old Age and Death

sickness-old-ageOn November 2nd Sojourn Chaplaincy partners with San Francisco Zen Center to present an evening with Lucy Kalanithi, Grace Dammann, Lennon Flowers, and our moderator, Jennifer Block. We will explore how the human experience of sickness, old age, and death creates an appreciation for the preciousness of life.

The evening’s conversation will invite each speaker’s multiple perspectives on death, sickness, and ageing. Lucy Kalanithi draws upon her experience as a widow and mother, caregiver, and physician. Grace Dammann speaks as a physician and also one who has been both a care receiver and a trainer of caregivers. Lennon Flowers met death from the perspective of a daughter and now creates community through the millennial generation’s experiences of death. Our moderator, Jennifer Block, calls upon her broad experience as one who works with those facing the spiritual and emotional issues related to ageing, sickness, dying and grief.

You can purchase tickets here.  If you are a ZSFG patient, staff member or chaplain and are interested in attending please contact Chaplain Claire Bohman at  We have a few comp tickets available.