Hands ShoulderSince 1982 Sojourn has practiced the mission described in its name: “to stay with for a time.” We provide a ministry of presence offering compassion and understanding to patients and their loved ones as well as to the staff at SFGH.  A self-aware and nonjudgmental presence characterized by active listening is our gift in the hospital environment where patients are often in stressful circumstances.  Chaplains sit without an agenda, listening to the needs of the patients, observing the changing needs of the hospital environment and bringing their unique skills to witness, name and create space for hope, health and healing.

Central to Sojourn is the belief that each person is remarkable and unique and deserving of compassion and understanding.  We believe the ultimate test of any society is how it treats its poor and oppressed members; and Sojourn ministers to some of society’s most marginalized patients at SFGH, patients in the most difficult and painful of circumstances.  Our chaplains live and practice each day their belief in the healing power of compassion.

Orlando Vigil Altar 1Sojourn provides a critical element of San Francisco General Hospital’s holistic care. SFGH staff members are skilled in providing resources for physical, mental and emotional health. Sojourn completes the circle, by attending to the spiritual needs of patients, families and staff.

Dr. Jeanne St. Pierre, former Unit Chief of the LGBT Psychiatric Unit at SFGH writes: “Often in a day I realize the inadequacies of modern medical treatments for trauma, schizophrenia, substance dependence, and other causes of emotional suffering. At those times I am particularly grateful for the Services of Sojourn chaplains. Chaplains offer kindness and understanding to those who will likely never be cured, yet do not need to be alone with their pain.”

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